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|26.10.2014 08:15|
Parents will be able to take their children out of school during term for special occasions in a relaxation of the holiday ban. John Hemming MP (pictured) has led the opposition to the ban. - News ]
|26.10.2014 08:15|
Corporal Mark Wright died when a Chinook helicopter, sent to rescue him from an unmarked minefield where he was stranded in Afghanistan. set off a series of blasts despite his warnings. - News ]
|26.10.2014 07:53|
The father of the woman raped by footballer Ched Evans made an anguished plea yesterday for the player to stop trying to clear his name – fearing the campaign could destroy his daughter. - News ]
|26.10.2014 05:51|
Reyhaneh Jabbari was sentenced to death by a criminal court in Tehran in 2009 after what Amnesty International called a deeply flawed trial which failed to examine all of the evidence. - News ]
|26.10.2014 05:34|
The third and final ODI of the series between New Zealand and South Africa scheduled for Seddon Park, Hamilton has been rendered a “dead rubber” as far as the current series is concerned, by the tourists win in the second match in Mount Maunganui, which gave them a winning 2-0 lead. ]
|26.10.2014 04:29|
Celebrity businesswomen Karren Brady has joined the growing list of wealthy stars to declare an insistence their children must work to earn their own way through life. - News ]
|26.10.2014 03:16|
More than 50 officers wearing balaclavas and shields were deployed to Cockburn Street, in the Scottish capital - near to where a shooting was earlier reported. - News ]
|26.10.2014 02:59|
It is estimated that between 1998-2008 there were roughly 4,200 cases of force being used against children being held in youth jails each year. Almost a quarter may have been illegal. - News ]
|26.10.2014 02:59|
David Camerons hopes of clawing back control over Britains borders from the EU have suffered a knockback after Angela Merkel marked out her opposition to fundamental change. - News ]
|26.10.2014 02:58|
John Cantlie, 43, has appeared in a fifth ISIS video shared online just days after the death of his father who made an emotional plea to the terrorists weeks ago to have his son released. - News ]
|26.10.2014 02:57|
Nearly two months have passed since The Mail on Sunday was the first to reveal Fiona Woolf’s tangled social connections to Lord Brittan. - News ]

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