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|25.05.2015 17:08|
Between them, the 29 children in the class at Greet Primary School in Sparkhill, Birmingham, speak nine different languages and dialects, including Urdu, Pashto, Hindko and Arabic. - News ]
|25.05.2015 17:06|
Kayleigh Davies, nine, (pictured) and Luke Beardsmore, ten, were enjoying the Twister ride at the funfair in Sefton Park, Liverpool, when a section of the illuminated sign came loose. - News ]
|25.05.2015 17:04|
Tortured human remains have been found at abandoned smugglers camps in Malaysia, with wooden cages and metal chains discovered near graves. - News ]
|25.05.2015 17:03|
Steve McQueen, from Edinburgh, Scotland, developed hypothermia so quickly after capsizing in Loch Ness that he could not move his arms and legs to swim to shore just 15 metres away. - News ]
|25.05.2015 17:02|
The former deputy prime minister ridiculed the four declared Labour leadership candidates for constantly claiming the party needed to do more to appeal to voters with aspiration. - News ]
|25.05.2015 17:01|
Drastic shortfalls in production have led to a leading supplier of olive oil describing this year as the most difficult I have ever seen after the price of oil rose by 30 per cent. - News ]
|25.05.2015 16:58|
The worlds largest and grandest ocean liner, the Queen Mary 2, joined for the first time on the River Mersey with the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth for Cunards 175th anniversary. - News ]
|25.05.2015 16:54|
Possibility of World War 3 increases by the day. ]
|25.05.2015 16:50|
Instead runs with ludicrous story Michelle Obama worth $40 as ISIS slave. ]
|25.05.2015 16:47|
If home prices are outpacing wage growth, then housing is becoming less affordable. ]
|25.05.2015 16:46|
“Black America would have done much better with a white president. ]

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