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|22.08.2014 19:27|
The League Managers Association (LMA) rowed back on their comments after they were accused of playing down the seriousness of the allegations against the Cardiff manager (right). - News ]
|22.08.2014 19:28|
Yaakov Marom let the flat in Hendon, north London, for £420 a month but his tenants had to slither up a cramped staircase and through a hatch. - News ]
|22.08.2014 19:23|
Naushad Faruk, 32, convinced the 26-year-old to pose for his pictures on the promise of a feature in Loaded, Highbury Corner Magistrates Court was told. - News ]
|22.08.2014 19:20|
Michelle Mone, 42, who already had nine points on her licence, was given a further four points and a £225 fine at a hearing at Glasgows Justice of the Peace Court (pictured). - News ]
|22.08.2014 19:09|
Younes Abaaoud, from Belgium, followed his older brother to the front line and is believed be among dozens of child-fighters in the war zone from Europe. - News ]
|22.08.2014 19:02|
Scotlands referendum battle and the Ice Bucket Challenge craze collided yesterday as the former Chancellor and Alex Salmond both agreed to be soaked for charity. - News ]
|22.08.2014 18:22|
Aiden Feeney, 24, was so angry at being rejected by Scarlett OConnor he paid a teenager £850 to put firelighters through the window of her home near Salford, Greater Manchester. - News ]
|22.08.2014 18:01|
More than 490 fake Disney childrens dresses and bags featuring characters from hit film Frozen were discovered by officers at Stansted Airport, Essex, after they arrived from China earlier this month. - News ]
|22.08.2014 17:59|
The alleged attack took place in a caravan last night in the traders area, just as 90,000 fans flooded into the Berkshire festival for three days of music. - News ]
|22.08.2014 17:54|
The bushes in Dukes Mound park in Brighton, East Sussex, are currently between 15ft and 20ft high. A Cityparks worker said: We always err on the side of caution when pruning - News ]
|22.08.2014 17:52|
A driver hurtled off a residential road, knocked down a lamppost and crashed into the front of a house in Barnet, North London, on Tuesday night. He was arrested on suspicion of drink driving. - News ]

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