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|28.08.2016 03:13|
New International Development Secretary Priti Patel is to cut spending on traditional aid projects and use the money to help promote national security and the national interest. - News ]
|28.08.2016 03:03|
Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign mastermind has a property portfolio worth nearly £900,000 and works as a Labour councillor in London’s East End despite owning a home in Brighton. - News ]
|28.08.2016 02:43|
Paul Hollywood has decided its time to stick his finger into a few more pies – by launching his own range of baking gadgets. But the prices are in danger of leaving fans with a sour taste in the mouth. - News ]
|28.08.2016 02:37|
The distraught man, who has not seen his son JoJo for three years, said the boy was brainwashed by his mother, Sally Jones, after being taken by her to join Islamic State in Syria. - News ]
|28.08.2016 02:25|
Mo Farahs brother Ahmed faces deportation to Somalia after being released early from prison. Ahmed, 27, came to Britain with his older brother in 1991 but was jailed for false imprisonment. - News ]
|28.08.2016 02:19|
Police are under fire over a Rotherham-style abuse scandal in Telford, Shropshire, which has been dubbed the child sex capital of Britain. West Mercia Police say they have improved systems. - News ]
|28.08.2016 02:19|
The 28-year-old, named locally as Armin Schmieder, told his fans today you fly with me before his leap, from a mountain near Kandersteg in Switzerland, ended in tragedy. - News ]
|28.08.2016 02:10|
The district thats home to Clacton and Walton-on-the-Naze has been a magnet for new residents over the past decade. But people cant wait to leave five London boroughs and the city of Hull. - News ]
|28.08.2016 01:59|
The posturing offspring of rock legends and film stars are everywhere. So how did these models get their big breaks? Heres a clue: try matching them to their famous parents. - News ]
|28.08.2016 01:53|
It is all too predictable, says Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch UK, as government figures show net migration is triple the target. He calls for work permits and PM action on bogus students. - News ]
|28.08.2016 01:52|
Police still investigating a suspected abduction after receiving calls a boy was seen getting into a black van are now exploring a theory that the six or seven-year-old was being told off by a parent. - News ]

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