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|02.04.2015 07:31|
Labour leader Ed Miliband vowed to end casual employment contracts yesterday but his crackdown backfired spectacularly as he forgot Labour use them to employ thousands of workers. - News ]
|02.04.2015 05:40|
The move is expected to drive a spike in production, particularly in countries like Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands, who plan to boost exports of milk and other dairy products to the UK. - News ]
|02.04.2015 05:09|
The Labour leader has confessed he cried when he and his wife Justine watched a DVD of the 2014 movie starring Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton. - News ]
|02.04.2015 05:03|
Cynthia Lennon died yesterday in Majorca, aged 75. Cynthia, Johns teenage sweetheart, was hidden away while Beatlemania took hold of the world - and she was later left behind. - News ]
|02.04.2015 04:41|
In Germany, optimism about the eurozone recovery is tinged with anxiety, says Simon Nixon.
The Wall Street Journal - World News ]
|02.04.2015 03:59|
Listening to the BBC news, anyone might believe Ed Miliband is telling the unvarnished truth when he suggests ruthless employers are exploiting British workers on an epic scale. - News ]
|02.04.2015 03:58|
Experiments show the condition, which affects nine in 1,000 babies, is not due to ageing eggs, but the age of the mother - and that the risk can be alleviated with regular exercise. - News ]
|02.04.2015 03:56|
The Iraqi military’s operation to root out Islamic State militants from Tikrit this week has empowered a new generation of militias, which emerged from relative obscurity to take a lead role in the battle.
The Wall Street Journal - World News ]
|02.04.2015 03:50|
Dinner parties inspired by celebrity chefs, such as Nigella Lawson, are now being used as a way to show off to friends by serving rare or expensive food and drink. - News ]
|02.04.2015 03:49|
Firefighters were called to the Holborn area of central London after thick black smoke was seen billowing up from a manhole cover shortly after midday yesterday. - News ]
|02.04.2015 03:45|
Lord Prescott, an adviser to Ed Miliband, suggested the signatories were ‘tax dodgers, Tory donors and non doms’ – even though several were former Labour supporters. - News ]

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