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13:23     The UK-wide heatwave sizzles even hotter with 19 very wet n wild girl pics!

14:08     Are you a closet robot? Takes ZOOs Chappie AI test and find out now!

14:08     Are you a closet robot? Take ZOOs Chappie AI test and find out now!

11:45     Beastly fit woman crushes three whole watermelons with her bare legs!

11:37     World record basketball shot from an incredible 415-feet is awesome!

10:41     See the red-band trailer for new ultimate party Brit flick Legacy!

12:30     British band uses GTA V video editor to create their new music video!

18:51     ZOO takes a look at The Dark Knights incredible new batmobile!

13:01     Rita Oras new music video features bouncing boobs and lacy bras!

13:01     Rita Oras new music video features bouncing boobs and lacy lingerie!

14:14     The beautiful game: FIFA 16 finally set to feature women’s teams!

17:59     Do you want to be a ring girl at the biggest boxing show of the year?

14:39     LEGO first-person shooter game mocked up by YouTube filmmaker!

14:17     Biker burns out his motorbike by wheel-spinning, watches it catch fire!

12:45     Honest employer posted a ludicrously awful, realistic job ad onto Gumtree!

12:23     WWEs Lana is the hottest girl you need to know about right now!

11:52     Abigail Ratchford and Lindsey Pelas are finally shooting together!

11:17     Arsenal fan asks the Queen for FA Cup Final tickets and gets a reply!

16:44     We Are Your Friends: awesome trailer for Hollywood party scene film!

19:12     Man stuck inside a train toilet tweets for help - gets his freedom!


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